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What Exactly is Public Relations?

It is an invaluable tool in creating favorable public opinion. It differs from advertising in that it is an unpaid endorsement of a company a person, a product or a service, and that fact alone, lends tremendous credibility.

How Does Public Relations Pay Back Big?

Your uniqueness, your story is what differentiates you from everyone else in your field.  Being quoted in newspaper and business publications as well as appearing on broadcast media brands you as an ‘expert’ in your field.  This type of credibility creates a ‘buzz’ or publicity that associates you and your firm with excellence. Publicity builds on itself and opens doors where entrée was never previously anticipated or envisioned.

Public Relations

We integrate old school public relations techniques such as the use of telephone and e-mail alongside cutting edge digital technologies.  Our client messages are amplified through extensive use of social media platforms.  Clients are positioned as experts and ‘go-to’ resources in their industries.

Media Relations

We believe ‘earned media’ is still the gold standard of media relations. Third party endorsements lend itself to tremendous credibility.  With our own targeted national, regional and local media contacts, it is still our never-ending goal to continuously seek out and develop new relationships with a diverse array of media outlets.

Community Relations

We keep the ‘public’ in the art of public relations.  There is no better place to build name recognition and trust than the communities that surround a business.  Clients are encouraged to become active in their communities, be a ‘good neighbor’, sponsor local athletic teams, participate in community wide activities and practice good social responsibility procedures.  Community relations is a vital ingredient in any solid, public relations campaign.

We provide our clients with all the bells and whistles.   We handle marketing, branding, reputation management, social  media….

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